The coil is the most important part of a vape pen. It’s what heats up to vaporize your e-juice and it can have a huge impact on the flavor of your vape.

Coils are made up of several parts, including the wick, which draws liquid onto the coil, and the heating wire itself. The wire is often made up of Kanthal or Nichrome and comes in different resistances (or ohms).

So, If you are not sure when to change coils, such as Caliburn or Crown Vape, here are some factors to consider:

How often do you use it?

If you vape more than once a day, then you should expect to replace your coils more frequently. The more frequently you vape, the more gunk builds up inside the device and the more likely it is that the wicks will get clogged with residue. If you’re using a low-wattage device and you’re only vaping occasionally, then you’ll probably be able to go longer between replacements.

How much e-liquid do you go through?

The more liquid that gets vaporized by the coil, the faster it will get damaged. The amount of e-juice you consume can vary from person to person. Its always recommend using less than what’s recommended by the manufacturer of your vape device. This will help prevent any damage to your coil and allow it to last longer.

What type of e-juice are you using?

If you use premium e-liquids, then you can expect to get more out of your coils than if you were using cheap ones. The reason is that premium e-liquids are made with higher levels of VG (vegetable glycerin), which is thicker than PG (propylene glycol). Thicker liquids make for thicker clouds, which means that less heat has to be produced by the coils in order to vaporize them. This results in less wear and tear on the coil itself—which means that it will last longer before needing replacement.

What kind of coils does it have?

Coil resistance plays a big role in how long your coils will last as well. If you have low-resistance coils (1.5 ohms or less), then they are going to burn out much quicker than high-resistance coils (2.5 ohms or more). High-resistance coils also produce more vapor than low-resistance ones, which is another reason why they last longer than expected!

Have you experienced a bad taste recently?

Another indicator that your coils need replacing is when they start tasting burnt or unpleasant after being used for some time. This happens when the wicking material inside your atomizer becomes too saturated with e-liquid and starts leaking out into the airway of your tank. Leaking e-liquid leads to bad taste and poor performance, so it’s important to replace your coils right away if this happens!


Coils wear out over time, which means they don’t work as well as they used to. But, a good rule of thumb is to change your coil after every two weeks of heavy use. If you’re only using your vape pen once or twice a week and aren’t going through much e-liquid (or at all), then don’t worry about changing the coil right now! It’ll still work fine for quite some time before needing replacement


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