There is so much going on in the world, from work to family, to school, to health, and so on. This leads to a buildup of enormous pressure and stress, and any means of relieving this pressure is always a welcome idea.

A hot tub is one of the most preferred means of stress relief. It’s important to know how a hot tub works. Just knowing that dramatically reduces the chance of having accidents.

However, while a hot tub has its redeeming features, there are things everyone ought to know before using a hot tub, especially when it is not personally owned.

Top Medical Tips to Know Before Using a Hot Tub

Stay Away from Crowdy Tubs

In the United States of America, over 27,000 infections were attributed to germs from untreated pools and hot tubs between 2001 to 2014. While these statistics were alarming and probably led to an increase in hygiene on the path of service providers like hotel management and outdoor bathing facilities, many individuals do not follow the same. Another research showed that more than half of people who use hot tubs do not shower first.

This means that no matter the precaution taken by hotel staff, personal caution and hygiene is a necessity. So, as a rule, do not use a hot tub that is not personally owned when it is crowded. This is especially important when the water is seemed unclear (most likely from dirt) and when it is slimy.

Hypertensive Patient Health Care

While it is true that hot tubs help with cardiovascular health, this is not the case for hypertensive individuals. Hypertensive individuals are strongly advised medically, not to use a hot tub without some form of regulation and in most cases, they are advised not to use it at all.

Using a hot tub reduces blood pressure. Your body copes by increasing your heart rate. This can cause some strain on the heart. While it is not a problem and is a welcome thing for healthy individuals, it can lead to unwanted complications for a hypertensive person.

Pregnant Women

This is another group of individuals that need to seek medical advice before using a hot tub. The reason is simple. Using a hot tub while pregnant can cause an increase in body temperature. This in turn can lead to health defects such as anencephaly for the unborn child.

People with Blisters and Skin Cuts

It is not the best to use a hot tub when having a skin infection, blister, cut, or even a rash. The water can cause great irritation and from a minor case, it can become a major one in no time.

Long time Immersion and high Temperatures

Medically, the most appropriate time to spend in the hot tub is 10 minutes and the appropriate degree of hotness should not be above 40 degrees.


Using a hot tub has so many advantages, key among which is stress relief and the release of endorphin. This makes it a beautiful invention of technology. But you must use it in moderation or else, it can become a danger to your health.


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